The Best Pool Fences in the World

Key Features

The Best Quality Child Safe Pool Fence Available 

When we say our safety pool fencing is the best quality fence on the market, were not just blowing smoke.

Our fences don’t just meet US Child Safety Standards, we set the standard for surpassing all US safety requirements.

Poles: Most companies use standard 52 lbs resist poles. Baby Barrier poles are 92 lbs resist with double reinforced centers. Far surpassing every other fence on the market. We also use 30″ between poles (all others use 36″) this gives you 20% more poles and a significant increase in fence strength and stability.

Mesh: The world’s strongest mesh, PVC coated, double stitched heavy duty PVC coated bindings with exclusive interlocking Strength/Stability cable in the top and bottom. Mesh fabric will not deteriorate or mold with age, and will not rip or tear, even if cut. Only Baby Barrier has Strength/Stability cable at the top AND bottom of each mesh panel, providing additional safety, tensile strength and durability to your pool fence, far superior to every other fencing mesh on the market.

Latches: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Self Locking Latches are standard on all Baby Barrier Child Safety Pool Fences.

Fence Profile: The tight lower fence edge is installed flush with the pool deck to resist lifting of poles or panels, so even the smallest objects are prevented from entering the protected area. The see-through mesh is sealed with weather resistant PVC coating for lifetime performance.


Custom Shape: Custom fit to most shapes of pools, spas, docks and seawalls – existing or new

Easy to Use: For the average swimming pool, it takes less than ten minutes to completely remove the barrier…and only seconds for adults to unlatch one panel for pool access. When playtime is over, simply re-latch the access panel or gate, and relax. The Baby Barrier® is on duty until you take it down.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: against defects and premature wear damage from extreme sun or cold.